Saturday, September 26, 2009

a ben series: zooper

a 2008 zooper zydeco stroller

complete with fuzzy, warm sleeping bag thing

it works with our current carseat

and also the seat can face towards me or away from me.

includes a great sun shade that pulls completely down over the seat so ben can nap but i can still peek in to see how he's doing.

other fantastic-nesses:
fully reclines so that ben can lie down if he so desires
4 different recline settings
also came with a rain cover and UV cover
it's beautiful
air tires so it's a smoother ride (though maybe one day i'll be cursing them when i get a flat?)
front wheel swivels but can also lock for jogging (yes - tim's planning to)

regularly $455 plus shipping...on craigslist for $200
(good thing it's payday this week...and now i'm looking for things around my house to sell...)

YAY new stroller!


Anonymous said...

Nothing but the "best" for Ben! He looks like he loves his new stroller. Its very nice.

Cousin Sarah said...

Wow! you got the new stroller! congrats! It looks great! =D looking forward to seeing you in October!

Laurie Newbigging said...

Sweet ride Ben! Great Deal Becs!