Sunday, June 13, 2010

gratitude sunday

an ongoing weekly tradition to consciously be more thankful for all that i have...

this week i am thankful for...

> edible cake

> sunny days

> successful re-entry into the work force (if only for the one day...)

> ben's successful first day of daycare

> a fantastic caregiver for my baby at daycare when i TOC in the fall

> digital photography

> generosity of others

> the primary colours

> my husband who said how much he loved my cake, hung up all the clean laundry that i had left on the floor, and made the kitchen spotless post-birthday party

> leftover potato salad

> anticipation of get-togethers with old friends

> a healthy, strong, fun, and loving (almost)one year old little boy


theRachel said...

YAY for all of these things. That Tim is a star. A STAR I tell you!

Ashlee said...

so happy to hear the cake was edible :)