Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sucked in by the discount

you know when you're buying something and you get to the till and they're like, "if you sign up for our credit card, you'll get x amount off your purchase..."? i'm always sucked in. i make the purchase on that card, pay it off immediately and then never use the card again. well, yesterday i was at zellers buying some fisher price toys with ben's birthday money (thanks mom and ang!) and the amount came to more than i was expecting. then the girl asks if i want to get 15% off my purchase by signing up for a bay credit card. hmm...15% sounds like a good chunk of money - sure. i sign up. i get $9 off. hmm...not as much as i'd thought it would be. (are you picking up on my lack of math skills?) i get home and tell tim, thinking he'd be happy for the savings. "tim, i signed up for a bay credit card to save 15%!" "no...not again! you've got to stop signing up for all these credit cards!" haha - is anyone else sucked in by these deals?


LaelDyck said...

yup. twice. once steve and i signed up for a macy's card and got a great deal on a ton of clothes!! and one other time (before we were married) i was buying towels for our new place and signed up for a bay card and saved 15%...i thought it was worth it. i did the same thing. used it once, paid it off and cut up the card.

theRachel said...

But remember to actually close the cards as well - otherwise they continue to show up on your credit report.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rick and I have both done that a few times and funny you should bring this exact topic up because since we've arrived in London every store we shop at is like "do you want club points cards and credit cards." Seriously I've finally stopped doing it more because I find the paper work super annoying. Sometimes it works out to be a good deal, and sometimes its just gimicky.