Wednesday, June 16, 2010

one year old mother milestones

at one month, i made a list of mother milestones. here is a list of one year mother milestones in What To Expect the First Year format:

by one year, your mother should be able to...

> know when nap time is
> change her squirmy baby's diaper in less than 30 seconds
> not take it personally when her baby wants to be held by people other than her
> remember to put a bib on the baby when he's eating
> not be offended when her baby laughs when she says "no!"

will probably be able to...

> give up control of the spoon to her baby while feeding him
> pass soothers, crackers, etc. back to her baby in his carseat while driving
> accurately guess the correct price of a car on Price Is Right
> make dinner amongst the pots and pans on the floor from her baby throwing them from the cupboards
> bring enough distractions for her baby when on a trip to the grocery store

may possibly be able to...

> drive far distances with a cranky baby without feeling flustered
> leave the baby to cry in bed at other peoples' houses because she knows he's tired
> come up with creative ways to get baby to eat some vegetables
> change a crib sheet without taking the bumper pad off
> get through a week without doing laundry because it doesn't matter to her that her baby's shirt has a stain on it from yesterday

may even be able to...

> relax if people are loud when baby is sleeping because if he wakes up, it's not the end of the world (though many mothers never master this skill)
> go into superstore without buying a new outfit for her baby
> find something to wear without baby drool, food, or snot on it in her own closet


janinedykstra said...

Its amazing what we can do :)

rachel said...

I laughed out loud at my desk reading this post. Sooo true.

Jamie said...

Brilliant post. Creative way to say some things every 1st year mother can identify with...

theRachel said...

You are an AMAZING mother. It is so fun to see how much you've grown over this last year...when/if I have kids I will be calling you for advice, ok?

Anonymous said...

I love these posts you make Bec because one day when I hopefully have a baby I can know I was not the only one having to do these things. It also paints a clearer picture of motherhood for me. Thanks!