Wednesday, December 01, 2010

23 more days

this morning, we began the book advent calendar. being the last minute person i am, i'm missing 6 books still and also, i had planned on making them a little bit prettier. oh well - at least this is my trial run and ben doesn't get it anyways! when i brought him out this morning and showed him the books, ben was mostly annoyed that i wasn't getting him his breakfast. he kept saying, "milk" while i was showing him how to open the wrapping. okay, so this new tradition is mostly for me. ;)


Under His Wings said...

this sounds interesting. How does it work? Did you make the books? Last year I bought an advent calendar for Nevin and one for myself. It was fun to think about him opening the doors just as I was. This year I intended to get calendars for both Nevin and Nora to give them when we saw them early this week coming back home from a Nikkel wedding in Manitoba, but ran out of time. I'm sorry now I didn't make it a priority. We didn't have advent calendars when we were little but I think it's a nice tradition. We used to buy the chocolate ones for our kids.

LaelDyck said...

i love it! i think it's cool to start the traditions when they are young! what a great mom Ben has.