Thursday, December 23, 2010

new traditions

it's always worked out so perfectly that tim's family had been celebrating on christmas eves before i came along. i married in and we've continued the shulba family christmas on the 24th and the macd family christmas on the 25th. tonight, as tim and i discussed what our day was going to look like tomorrow, we decided to set up ben's new tool bench tonight so that he can play with it all day tomorrow. getting it on the morning of the 25th and then jumping in the car to drive to WR didn't seem as fun. (speaking of this tool bench - it was a total impulse buy when i got my mtf email flyer and saw that it was only $20!!! it is the cutest thing with a drill and saw that make noise and light up! and there are so many tools!)
after setting it all up and putting it beside the tree, we thought, "why don't we do all our little family's present openings tomorrow morning?". being the kind of person who is desperate to open presents early, i thought this was a great idea. so tonight we've put our presents under the tree and we're looking forward to tomorrow morning. pancakes, presents, and A Charlie Brown Christmas on the pvr to watch.
merry christmas!


Laurie Trueman said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Ashlee said...

Merry Christmas!!!

LaelDyck said...

Merry Christmas to you, Tim and Ben!! Sounds like a lot of fun and good thinking building the tool set ahead of time! We are going to open presents and have pancakes tomorrow morning. I love pancake breakfasts on Christmas!!

Hanners said...

love the new layout!