Saturday, April 16, 2011

22 months

you know my fondness for my emails that i get monthly and now i'm getting 2 a month - one is about my toddler and one is about my pregnancy. love it. usually these emails are spot on. just when i'm wondering if something is normal, i get my monthly email and it tells all about whatever it was that i had been worrying about.

this month's email came this morning because ben is 22 months today (crazy!) and it was way off! It said, "Your toddler can probably hop off the bottom step of a staircase by throwing one foot forward and letting the other follow. But true jumping, where both feet leave the ground at the same time and then land squarely, is a skill that requires excellent balance and may take a few more months to master."

not so! ben is a jumping machine. if there's something to stand on that's above the ground, he will stand on it and then jump off. he jumps of curbs, off the bottom step, off the couch and ottoman. it's quite scary to watch actually because you're SURE he will break a bone and something tells me that this kid will break a bone one day unlike his risk-averse mother who has protected her bones all her life.
the other day, we had the top of the ottoman on the angle (as seen in this post) and ben was climbing up the lid and jumping into the ball pit. and while these videos don't have him "sticking the landing", he does make it sometimes.

like that i have price is right on in the background? this is what ben does when i watch this in the mornings.

(it looks like he falls off the side of the ottoman at the end but let me assure you that no babies were hurt in the making of this film.)


theRachel said...

I like that Ben says hi at the end too...and the Price is Right - of course!

grandma of a jumping bean said...

I loved watching how the jumping bean evolved his methods over the weeks.. the little mind is constantly learning and watching... he definitely is smarter than the average 22 month old.. isn't that what a grandma is supposed to think? what a cutie.