Monday, April 11, 2011

oh maternity...

i recently read an article about the top ten pieces to have in maternity wear. one of them was a "drapey sweater".
so the other day, i went to thyme maternity since it seems to be the only maternity shopping in both abbotsford AND langley. i was buying dress pants for the Tupperware conference that i was at this past weekend. while i was there, i saw a black drapey sweater. it looked good and i didn't have any black sweaters so i took it up to the till.

the woman behind the till said, "oh, i love this style - but i guess you can tell," motioning to her own drapey sweater that she was wearing. i told her that i liked the colour. she replied, "yeah - i got it at reitmans." hmm...all of a sudden, i wondered why i was buying a drapey sweater at thyme maternity for a ridiculous $45 when they had them at reitmans. i paid for my purchase and walked next door into reitmans. i found the sweater that was practically identical to the one i'd just bought except this one was only $26. almost a TWENTY DOLLAR difference!

i bought the one at reitmans and while i couldn't bear to return the one i just purchased minutes later, i waited to return it until today.

thanks to the thyme maternity lady for accidentally knocking some sense into me. :) i hope her boss doesn't read this post.


Megan said...

I've been wearing all my long cardigans open, also there are lots of them out there that are not specifically "maternity". I've been finding as soon as something is considered maternity the price shoots up. Good job on finding the better deal:)

theRachel said...

Well, that is a great article. I think you and Megan have hit this right on the money - especially when it comes to a drapey cardigan! Go Reitmans!

LaelDyck said...

hahaha. that's awesome. i still wear most of my pre-pregnancy cardigans but i just don't button them. i did, however, buy 2 "drapey" sweaters, one black and 1 grey and i wear them a lot.