Friday, April 01, 2011

toys, toys, toys

we can go for days in which ben doesn't play with ANY of his toys. he dumps them out and kicks them around maybe or he'll play with them for 2 seconds when tim or i sit down and try to get him engaged. the other day, matt and katie came to our place early in the morning so that we could drive them to the airport. katie walked up our stairs and said, "wowww. there's a LOT of toys here." we hadn't cleaned up all the scattered toys from the previous day! this can lead to many thoughts of, "why do we have this many toys if all they do is make a mess?"

yesterday morning, for the first time in a LONG time, ben played with his toys. he played in his kitchen (despite me having removed all his food for dumping and kicking purposes). he played at his toolbench for at least 10 minutes! he was in the ball pit for awhile. it was lovely to see him PLAYING on his own!

at one point, he went into his room and brought out this book that has a little container attached with magnets in it. i had these magnets on the fridge for awhile (but they're supposed to stick in the book) and then i'd put them away. he found the book, worked at getting the plastic open and then put the magnets on the fridge. it was an activity that lasted at LEAST 8 minutes!

okay, so maybe this sounds like a crazy post - that i'm all excited about ben playing for 8 or 10 minutes at a time. but if you have a 21 month old, i'm hoping you understand what i'm talking about - it's not just my kid, is it? longer playing periods are coming, right? fingers crossed.


judymacd said...

Don't forget to add that Ben boy can play up to an hour in the inside of a parked car!

dawn said...

If he's not playing, what is he doing all day? A non-mother is kinda curious...