Friday, April 06, 2012

learning to sit

it felt like avery may never learn to sit. i would "practice" sitting with her by propping her up then holding my hands close to her bottom to catch her if she tipped and it was always constant tipping. then all of a sudden, one day she was sitting! crazy. she is able to sit if she leans fairly far forward over her feet and even then, she sometimes falls backwards. but it's so fun to have a baby who can sit up now! yesterday, we went to winners and she sat in the cart with just a blanket to help prop her. (ben was not happy to be losing his seat in the shopping cart!)

"no biggie"


theRachel said...

I love the shot of Avery in motion. And is that a penguin on her shirt? Adorable!

Bec Shulba said...

it IS a penguin on her shirt - it's a 9 mo. oneise so i figure we better get some wear out of it now before it's summer and unacceptable to wear a penguin! ;) also, i moved her up a size in the jeggings - they look a little baggy. haha.