Monday, April 23, 2012

the voice

is anyone watching The Voice?  oh man, tim and i were so hooked last season - we had laughed at the selection of judges but they really turned out to be fantastic (christina excluded...we're not her biggest fans) and great chat/jokes back-and-forth between them.

we're loving this season just as much.  the singers are all invited to the show so you only watch talented people during the try-outs which we love love loved.  and the people who are still in it right now - oh man, there are some great ones!  if you're not watching, you don't care who our favourites are but we LOVE jamar rogers.  he's got to win it.  what a life story AND incredible voice.  i personally also like tony lucca.  really, is anyone else watching this?  let's discuss.

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LaelDyck said...

Haven't gotten into it. It's a good twist on the other singing competition shows. Glad you are enjoying it.