Saturday, July 21, 2012

cones have changed my life

ice cream cones...that is.  who ever buys ice cream cones from the store?  i know my mom had some for ben at her place but it never occurred to buy them for ourselves.  then we had them at our friends' place on the island and really, cones are awesome.  they make the ice cream seem like so much more.  so this past week when i went to the store, i picked up a box of cones and checked out the nutritional values.  they are 15 calories.  15!!!  no significant source of sugar and no fat.  they're 0 WW points!  are you kidding me?  now, i can put my sad 1/4 of vanilla frozen yogurt in a 15 calorie cone and that 1/4 cup seems like so much more!  yet the whole dessert is just 1 point.  see?  life changing.  ;)

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theRachel said...

Who would've thought?