Monday, July 30, 2012

money counseling and meal planning

we met with a financial planner a couple months back and it was a very good experience.  much needed money therapy.  one of the things that came to light was that i have no idea how much i spend on groceries per month.  the guy said to me, "you must have a ballpark number?"  nope.  now, i know that this is budgeting 101 but i'm not a big fan of budgeting...umm...or of being responsible with money.  haha.  so when i figured out how much i'd been spending a month - the figure was much, much more than i'd imagined.

i typed "meal planning" into the search engine on my blog to see if i've ever talked about this before and i found this post, which makes me laugh because apparently one year ago, i was rocking the meal planning/budgeting...according to that post.  i'm pretty sure that only lasted one week because i can't even remember it.  but, like i apparently knew one year ago, i figured meal planning would be my ticket to a lower grocery budget.  so a couple weeks ago, i tried it out.  made the plan for the week.  didn't follow it.  augh.  it's like, i get to the day that says, "baked spaghetti" for example, and think, "yuck.  i don't want to eat that for dinner." so i choose something else from the week.  unfortunately, i don't think i like a lot of my go to recipes.

since it occurred to me that i don't like my recipes, i'm going to try some new ones.  crock pot ones as often as possible because i like the idea of making dinner when i have time during the day and not have to worry about it at dinnertime.  so tonight, i'm trying a crockpot lasagna.  i always like lasagna though i DID forget the mozzarella cheese when i bought groceries today so hopefully the cheese that i substituted won't taste too strange.  haha.  here's the recipe.  check in tomorrow for results and see my next recipe.


Alyssa said...

That's EXACTLY how I feel about meal planning. I'm such a picky eater that I almost never want to eat what I had planned ahead of time. But with work looming I think I'll have to get on the planning bandwagon with you. And also, doesn't it seem like all plan ahead meals basically boil down to some type of pasta and ground beef casserole?

theRachel said... did it turn out?

LaelDyck said...

I am working on a meal plan board right now. Trying to get this part of my life organized. I suck at this! Looking forward to your follow up posts :)