Friday, July 27, 2012

first family "hike"

while we were in duncan, we went for a hike (and i can't remember the name of the park).  it was not a long hike and it was easy enough that i could wear flipflops (though it was a mistake to have worn them...) but it was a beautiful, beautiful walk through the forest and the first one we've done since having avery.  
not too sure about this backpack...

you can't quite tell but ben and sophia were holding hands - too cute.
ben complained quite a bit at the end of the hike about having to walk  which was totally frustrating but he has a pretty nice daddy who carried him for a little ways.  
the tinsley fam
the shulba fam


theRachel said...

You guys obviously had a great time!

LaelDyck said...

So fun! I love seeing Avery's little legs and arms hanging out of that backpack. SO adorable!