Wednesday, November 07, 2012

helloooo composting!

back in 2008, we were on the east coast and i was blown away at how GREEN those provinces were.  every garbage pail - on the street, in mcdonalds, anywhere - had a "compost" section.  i thought, "why wouldn't we have this already in the lower mainland?  i thought WE were green!"  a couple years later, i saw my aunt and uncle in toronto composting for their curbside compost pick up.  i thought, "why aren't we doing THAT?"  

i've had the best of intentions to start a compost of my was one of my new year resolutions for 2010 though nothing really became of that.  classic resolution.

THEN, i heard that South Surrey was starting curbside compost pick up.  my parents were getting the new giant bins and their garbage pick up was going down to only every other week.  jealous! 

can you tell that i love the idea of composting?  i'm sure you've figured out what's coming here... i like to foreshadow.  ha.

i arrived home a couple days ago to a little compost can on my doorstep with a sticker for my garbage pail and a magnet for my fridge.  FINALLY!  we have started!  and in a nice, non-life changing way.  put this sticker on my own garbage can and here's a tiny bucket for under the sink?  sounds great to me!  

now...will i still like composting when i have to empty this little can?  


Megan said...

we have been composting most of this year & I feel so much better now that we are living 'greener'. Josh is in charge of emptying the compost, but the odd time I have done it & almost died. A word of wisdom - Just don't inhale when you lift the lid off the can you are emptying it into. And make sure to wash out the small compost bucket fairly often or it will get nas-ty.

theRachel said...

I can't wait for Victoria to start composting! It's the best!