Monday, November 26, 2012

out in the sunshine

we headed off to the park this afternoon to make the most of the sunshine.  i forgot avery's coat so i took ben's long-sleeved shirt off him, put him in his hoodie and put his shirt over avery's onesie and sweater.  at least they were both in heavy duty fleece pants.  :)  but the sunshine was gorgeous today!  we walked around mill lake and stopped to play at all 3 playgrounds.  

did i mention that avery is finally walking!?!  she's choosing to walk more and more which is so fun!  

 but she was not happy to fall on the cold, wet bark mulch...

ben spent most of his time "fixing the train" at the park.  the helmet was legit - he rode his bike around the was just helping to keep him warm while he played!  haha.


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Way to go, Avery! Excited to see these kiddos this weekend - and you and Tim too!