Monday, January 28, 2013

project life 2013

here we go - Project Life 2013!  like i wrote in my resolutions, i tried subscribing to a company called citrus twist kits to send me coordinating papers/embellishments for my PL each month and my kit came last week!  i hadn't done ANYTHING yet so i spent saturday night working on 4 weeks of layouts (while tim was out for the evening).  the awesome thing about this subscription is everything is new and beautiful - i was so happy with what came for january and i am already looking forward to february!  the not so awesome thing is that it takes a little more work and planning for each layout - i can't just grab cards, write on them and throw them in the slots.  oh well - i like the variety more than ease i think.  so here are a couple layouts for you to check out:

january 1 - 5
i am going to have a lot more instagrams to add to the book so i will have to pick and choose vs. putting them all in.  
here are the bottom, i printed out my 2013 goals from my blog post and inserted them since i didn't
have a ton of photos from the first 5 days of 2013 anyways.   
january 13 - 19
i tried out my new washi tape (the days of the week on the top photo and the turquoise stripes on the bottom ones)
- looks good!  
too many instagrams?  hmm..trying to get a balance.  i'll be adding one more on that blank striped paper
when i get my next batch of instagrams printed.

it's not super cohesive - maybe i'll get better at that.  but fun - i love working on it and i love the finished product.  if you're wondering if i finished my 2012 one...not yet.  CLOSE. very close.  i actually got some back logged photos printed today and they're waiting for me at costco.  i figure, i will work on them simultaneously?  hmm...that's a lot of table space.  we will see.  


Alyssa said...

I love your project life and I'm so glad you're doing it again this year! I want to come over and drink coffee, eat sugar cookies, and spend an hour just looking through the book. You always were the best collager:

rachel said...

Nice! Your post about this last year inspired me to try project life for 2013 - I'm loving it. I don't think I could go back to printed photos and papers though, the mess is just overwhelming in our small basement space. I'm totally stealing the questions on the'Currently' card for this week :)

LaelDyck said...

I LOVE this so much!!! Wish I had the motivation to do this. The Washi tape is fabulous and I love the instagrams! Looking forward to more Pl posts to come! :)

theRachel said...

What Alyssa said! Also: there is no such thing as too much instagramming! I love seeing your photos! :)

Sandy Ang said...

so glad the Citrus Twist kit has inspired you to do these lovely pages !