Saturday, January 05, 2013


ahh, it's that time of year again - thinking about starting fresh for the new year.  twenty-thirteen.

this year...many things to improve on but here are the few that i've thought about over the last few days.

> sing more - ben doesn't know the words to ANY songs because i make up songs all day.  i rarely sing the same song twice.  this is unhelpful to children.  ben got a microphone for christmas and a few times, he's said, "i don't know any songs, mommy."  oh dear.  i think the trick for me here is to jot down some names of possible songs to sing because i can never think of them off the top of my head.  this week, we've been singing, My God is So Big, I've Got the Joy, and Noah and the Arky.

> read the Children's Bible every evening with the kids - we've been feeling the need to be more intentional in our discussions about our faith.  already, this children's Bible that we bought the kids for Chrismtas has led to many discussions...mostly ones that i feel at a total loss of how to explain God to a three year old.  haha.  "God made everything."  "Did God make these curtains?"  "umm, no.  Grandma made those curtains."  but hopefully, more good will come of this than confusion.  ;)

> walk - why not walk after the kids are in bed?  that's not hard to do.  i made devised a 2.5km loop around my well-lit neighbourhood and last night, i did my first walk of the year.  6km according to  my legs are sore this morning which is totally ridiculous and a sign that i'm even more out of shape than i'd thought.  maybe "walk" will morph into something more at some point in 2013 but at this point, i just want to pick something that i can easily do, i don't have to wear special clothes, and i don't have to drive anywhere to do it.  now, i just need a new playlist.

> do another year of project life - yes, despite my continual "catching-up" status, i really like the concept, the process, and results.  many times, i've seen ben sitting at my desk, looking through all the photos and that is really why i'm doing it.  i found that i quickly got tired of the "core kit" that i bought at the beginning and i tried adding my own papers and such here and there throughout but it wasn't super cohesive.  this year, i'm trying out a new thing where i've subscribed to Citrus Twist kits which sends me a new kit each month - i'm on a three month subscription so we'll see how that goes.  i'm excited to get a new package in the mail each month!  now i'll have to try to keep up so i'm not working on august - december over christmas break again!  yes, photos to come.

> instagram daily - i figured out how to print my instagrams cheap at costco this month and when i started adding them throughout my album, they are a cool addition.  one reason that i've been so sporadic at instagram is because my phone is so slow and the camera on my phone isn't awesome.  this past week, i added instagram to tim's iphone4s and that has been awesome.  we are never without tim's phone when we're together and the camera is great so it's a nice option.  so far, i'm doing well on this one.  

so far, that's what i've got.  you might have been hoping that i'd resolve to blog more but the blog may continue to be on the back-burner.  i'm starting to teach two new classes in jan/feb for school and am hoping to spend some of my evening computer time, keeping up with my logs so it's not so much work at report card time.  i don't want to say that i'm taking a break from the blog but it will definitely continue to be sporadic for awhile.  follow me (becshulba) on instagram for more regular updates on our lives and if you're not a big instagram on the phone person, try - you can follow along from your computer more easily (though you have to have an instagram account at least)!  

happy new year!  


LaelDyck said...

I am glad you are continuing project life! I think it's such a fun concept!

theRachel said...

Good for you with getting going on the walking! Also...I still really look forward to seeing PL in person. And...I love that you're instagraming.