Friday, March 29, 2013

a swing fiend

a's first time on the big swings!
A loves to go on the swings at the park.  LOVES.  as soon as we arrive, i try to distract her by taking her to the slides or a ladder that she can try but no.  she makes a toddler-waddle, arms outstretched beeline for the swings.  and no matter how long we are at the park for, when we begin to pull her out of that swing, she starts to cry.
the post-swing face

A doesn't have too many words yet and she's morphed our sign for "thank you" (tapping her chin) into meaning "more please".  whatever works, right?  well, lately, she gets on the swing and starts tapping her chin.  at first, i thought she might want to get out so i started to take her out but that set off some major crying.  i put her back in and started pushing her again and off she goes, tap tap tapping her chin.  i pushed her higher and higher but it didn't seem to be good enough so she's screaming crying while swinging.  i looked like a crazy parent pushing a kid who looks like she doesn't want to swing.  as it turns out, i think she just wanted to swing as high as possible.  once i had her almost flipping the swing over the bars, she was happy.  what a girl!  (keep in mind, she was in the baby swing - not these big swings in the photos!)  so i guess we'll keep her swinging until she gets interested in something else at the park.  


rachel said...

:) and there it is. that word art adds such a nice touch.

theRachel said...

Oh man, the post-swing face.