Tuesday, June 25, 2013

week 17

the colours within the first half of the week's photos have a lots of orange/red and i think i should have probably gone with different paper colours...but the second half looks great!  you just can't see it behind my 3 vertical insert!

i had way too many pictures for the second half of the week so i wanted to  have an insert but that meant finding something to put in the front half!  i was trying to get some red/orange/blue tie in with the paper insert.  but definitely sparse.
doesn't the second half look better with blue?  :)
back of the insert.
i am always wanting to add captions to every photo in my PL but really, i need to remember that sometimes they can speak for themselves.  no captions on most of these beach pics.  it was a fun afternoon.  

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rachel said...

Aw, my kids did that too - held hands in the backseat without thinking about it. What a gorgeous beach day - you're right the colors were perfect for those pics.