Tuesday, June 25, 2013

week 15

so i'm quite behind in posting my PL pages and i'm quite behind in CREATING my pages.  shoot.  the busy time of report cards arrived in May and i lost my PL making mojo.

the good news - i printed a bunch of instagrams to finally finish off some pages that have been finished for a long time but simply waiting for the final pics.  let's start there.

i bought a pack of jade card off of someone online and started using them this week and they are prominent in my pages for the next while.  they're such great colours and i love the font and quote cards.  i remembered how much easier it is to PL with kit cards so while my pages are simpler, they were faster.

again - haven't quite figured out how to take a good photo of my pages.  remember to click to make a bit larger.
i'd planned on journaling the TERRIBLE day that we had this week beside the pic of the kids holding hands but decided i'd rather not remember so i just used that great handwriting card.  
here's a close up of ben's clothing changes in one day - TEN different outfits!  hilarious.  i'll be glad that i documented this.
top left : can't forget to take pictures of the grumpy days, right?    i printed a couple pics off tim's phone from hockey to include.  a good reminder to incorporate his stuff as well even though i'm not there.  


theRachel said...

Why did Ben have so many outfit changes?

Bec Shulba said...

that's how he rolls - it's a daily occurance. he likes to dress up, then gets cold and puts on something warm. then gets too hot and puts on something cool. etc etc. and then all the clothes are on the floor and spread around the house at the end of the day! augh!

rachel said...

Love that you captured all those clothing changes, that is halarious. I'm really liking 'Jade' too - I mixed and matched kits in my last layout but when you stick with one it's just so fast. Go girl!