Tuesday, June 25, 2013

week 16

this page layout really did not turn out great but sometimes you've just gotta leave it and move on.  the gray and turquoise didn't jazz together or something.  and then i wrote that huge journal card in red ink which doesn't work that well.  oh well.  

i got caught up on this project called Worldwide Culture Swap - i signed up to send a package to 4 others about Canada and they would send me a package about their country.  i put way too much work into it, it was so expensive overall (shipping to autralia and france?) and i was disappointed with the packages that we received.  oh well.  now i know!

and just when i thought i'd printed all the instagrams that i needed - i hadn't.  so a yellow sticky holds it's place for the next printing.  
i still have plans to journal on that half gray circle but this pic is to show that i have an extra pic behind the front one with a tab that says "pull" so that i could include a bonus photo.  i like having that option.

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