Saturday, October 18, 2008

and then it was thanksgiving...

and we made it happen. turkey, ham, gravy, yams in halved oranges, yams and apples, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans with slice almonds, and rolls.

thankfully my cousin dan, who is a cook, and his wife nicholine were staying with us so they helped out a lot.

my mom and her sisters


my uncle sam carved the turkey and the ham.

and now that i look through the pics, i realize we don't have any photographic proof that i cooked a turkey...just witnesses. :) but i survived my first thanksgiving dinner with 17 people. next year? thanksgiving for 6 - 8? no problem.

here are a couple good pics from the rehearsal dinner of me and my grandma and aunts.


naj said...

dinner looks delicious! especially the oranges .. great idea!

Anonymous said...

I think of hosting one's first Thanksgiving as a kind of initiation into adulthood. You have a home. And you can cook a turkey. No one can call you a kid now.

Congrats on becoming an adult!

therachel said...

Great pictures indeed! It looks like you did a tremendous job on the dinner, Bec...I'm ridiculously impressed with the "yams in oranges" thing - would love the recipe. You are fantastic!

Bonnie said...

I want to bear witness that Rebecca really did cook a turkey ( and ham) for 17 people! The meal was fantastic but I was most impressed with Rebecca's calm attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed being in her home for this special occasion. I think we made history.