Saturday, October 18, 2008

introducing matt and katie macdonald

what a beautiful day! the sun was shining, the ceremony was fantastic, the reception, great, and matt and katie are MARRIED!

my aunt laurie travelled with her outfit and bagpipes to pipe at the beginning of the wedding. so great.

i didn't have a camera with me so i rely on others. thanks to those whose photos i've borrowed.


Anonymous said...

don't you wish we could do it all again this saturday? SO MUCH FUN!!!

- naj

therachel said...

Great pics! I'm wishing there was a full length shot of your dress though, because it looks superb! Congrats to Matt & Katie!

jan said...

rachel -

rebecca's dress was superb! she looked BEAUTIFUL! and her shoes were fantastic too!

bec - i realized last night that i only have to use my indian name on facebook .. not on your blog. oops!

Anonymous said...

I thought those pics looked familiar!!