Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flashback to Grade 4...

in grades 4 - 7, i was a runner. and every October, our school participated in the Bear Creek Cross Country. i loved it.

today i went back. i don't think i've blogged about being the cross-country coach this year but it's been fun being the newbie coach and learning how it all works as the teacher. and today was Bear Creek Cross Country.

i show up at school today in jeans and runners. my other coach (and another grade 3 teacher with me) says to me, "are you running in those?" i thought she was joking. but apparently, at the end of the day before the award ceremonies, there is a COACHES RACE. what? it's probably good that i didn't know or else i would have stressed. haha. but no, i was in jeans. i wouldn't need to run.

but since lisa (the coach) lives two minutes from the school and was stopping to pick up her sunglasses, she grabbed me a pair of pants to wear.

and now i would be a runner.

so the kids were awesome - some great placings. unfourtunately didn't pan out for us in the final standings but we had a GORGEOUS day and lots of fun.

and then the coaches had to run. about 1.8km. it's a bit of an adrenaline rush because there were probably about 40 people racing. and when we got to the start line, there was a woman in matching red adidas tank and capris - very professional. men in spandex stretching. these people are runners. i knew i couldn't do it without some walking...and there was some walking. every corner i rounded, i thought it was the finishline so i would start to speed up and then it wasn't the end! many people passed me...i did not pass anyone.

when we finally hit the end, tons of kids were cheering, i ran up the hill, fast guy sped by me right at the finishline but as it turned out they were placing men and women separately so for the women? i finished 5th. what a flashback to grade 4. though i didn't cry at the end this time. ha.

and now my workout is done for the day!


ashlee said...

nice post, it took me back...i remember those days :)

ashlee said...

...and how much i hated running that stupid race :)

Bonnie said...

Good job, Rebecca! I'm impressed with your good sport attitude! Your kids must love you.
Aunt Bonnie