Thursday, October 23, 2008

my computer is under attack

or maybe it's going to attack me?

it has a mind of it's own. for awhile, you'd be doing things on it and then all of a sudden the mouse would start moving itself around clicking on things and opening up boxes everywhere. then finally it would calm down and i'd have to go around and close all the boxes.

the computer very much dislikes facebook. it often shuts itself down when i'm there which is why if you've sent me a facebook message in the last week, i have not replied. i can't get facebook at school OR home now. i should go to the library...

and then tim, thinking it was a good idea, installed some anti-virus thing on the computer. it was of no help. and now, every website i go to, a page pops up saying that i shouldn't be looking at this page unprotected and so i press "continue" anyways and sometimes it lets me continue and other times it doesn't.

so if you've been wondering about the lack posts or the lack of my presence on fb - that is why. i do, however, check my hotmail and work email constantly at school. haha.


jan said...

hi bec -

try to download spybot and/or ad-aware. heard they're very helpful from a computer guy. seems to be working for mine.

rachel said...

wow - sounds like you should lay on hands.

Now that I've typed that I actually think it wouldn't hurt. :)