Friday, July 17, 2009

a one-month old mother milestones

pre-benjamin, i thought that i would try to limit the baby-ness of my blog - posting things that didn't relate to him so that people wouldn't get tired of hearing mom related thoughts. post-benjamin, nothing in my life doesn't relate to him. unless you want more posts about price is right...and so the blog has become a blog on motherhood.

so it's pretty easy to find development milestones for babies but not for moms. i'm making my own list here.

a one month mother...

hears the slightest movement in the crib a room away in the middle of the night.

has learned that sometimes the baby will fuss in the night but then fall back asleep so not to go and get him immediately.

no longer is brought to tears by every little thing.

can speed change a dirty diaper with less wipes than previously.

is building up her arm muscles by carrying the baby around as well as the baby IN the carseat.

has embraced the power of the swing.

can walk much farther with the stroller and should be trying to walk more often now.

tells stories to people about her baby of no interest to them. (oops)

sings the price is right and ellen theme songs to soothe her crying baby.

loves being a mom.


theRachel said...

I love this list. Thanks for your honesty and willingness to share with us. It is fun to see you embrace all that comes along with Mr. Benjamin. I'm so PROUD of you, Rebecca!

I also think it's great that you're focusing on your wealth of strengths as a mama.

And I love that there are lots of Ben-related posts. I'll always read your blog.

ashlee said... need to write a book! ben is such a blessed child to have you as a mom :)

judymacd said...

You are doing a fantastic job!! but we've gotta get you a better repetoire of songs to soothe Ben with ;)

Jamie said...

you said "I can do this" - and you were right again...