Friday, July 03, 2009

the public health unit

something i didn't know pre-ben was that there is a public health unit in my town and yours. there are clinics there that teach you things, a nurse to ask questions to, and other great things. a public health nurse stopped by our house a few days after ben was born, weighed him, gave us info and answered our questions. she told us that anytime we had questions or wanted to see if ben was gaining weight, we could stop by the unit. so today i did.

now, i have to say that i've been a little hermited by the babe since he was born. tim and i have gone out and done things together with ben and i did take him to the doctor's office by myself but so far, when alone, i do not venture out. there are too many unknowns...mostly, "what if he starts crying in the store and i can't get him to stop but i have to stand in line and buy my stuff?" i know that i'll get over this but today i tried to convince tim that he should come with me to the public health unit and he didn't think he needed to. "you'll do fine." sigh. and off i went alone.

of course, i was fine. ben slept in his carseat until someone came out to the waiting room to help me. then i woke him up while stripping him down to be put on the scale naked. and he weighs a whopping 9lbs. 3oz! then i asked the nurse some questions about bowel movements and gas and formula and fussiness (all ben's...not mine) but not without some tears. if you've spent any time with me ever in life, you know i cry easily. multiply that by birthing a child and in the last two weeks, you have for sure seen me cry. perhaps multiple times. oh brother. of course the nurse is careful to inform me about "the baby blues" and how if i'm still crying a lot in the next week or two that i should see me doctor etc etc. i made a few jokes but then stopped because i thought maybe that was making me look like i was hiding something. haha. but she gave me about 5 ideas for helping ben with gas and fussiness and she was wonderful and informative.

yay for the public health unit!


Elizabeth said...

when you're standing in line to buy the leave. welcome to motherhood.

Laura said...

You're doing such a great job Bec!

Margaret said...

"see me doctor." Are you channeling your inner-pirate? Just curious. ;)

Lana Vug said...

Wow, I think if I had a baby and it started crying while I was in line to buy stuff I'd be like, yup that's a baby - they cry, I'm still buying my stuff. haha - as you can tell, I have no idea what it's like since I'm not a mother, but it seems like your doing great bec! You can even still post updates on your blog - look at you go!

theRachel said...

You are doing a great job. I'm glad you're accessing the Public Health Unit!