Monday, September 20, 2010

last wednesday?

i have obviously been doing something else because i have not been blogging. i didn't even realize how long it had been because i'm still spending ample time on the computer. i've been tupperware crazy (some of you may know because i emailed you about having a party! ha!) because it's record breaker month in tupperware world. i guess it happens every september and the idea is to beat your previous best sales month. i wasn't going to attempt to do this. so i didn't work very hard to do anything until sept.9th. for some reason, on this date i thought, "maybe i should try - i could use the money i'd make just from the extra parties i'd have if i worked at getting them". and thus the work began. and apparently, blogging went by the wayside.

also hindering my blogging has been the loss of my camera. i know that it MUST be in the house somewhere. in fact, i last remember having it and thinking, "i should put this up where ben won't see it". so i have looked on every high surface in my house and have not yet located it. i even went back into my photos to see what was the last thing i took a photo of. the photos were outside which worries me somewhat. but i like to have photos to post and blogging reminds me that i can't find my camera which annoys me and so i have been avoiding the blog i guess. i do have a back up camera, which was my old one, that i've been using for photos and videos here and there so that ben will not have weeks of undocumented daily life but using your old camera makes you miss your camera even more.

give me a couple days here to get something happening in my life to blog about other than tupperware and anger-towards-missing-camera and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Hanners said...

did you notice that I've been bloggin'???



Under His Wings said...

One week until month's end - how are you doing with your Tupperware goal?
Sorry about your camera - how frustrating. When I lose things I think about God being all-seeing and all-knowing and I ask Him, the God of Lost Things, to help me! I pray He uncovers where it is!!