Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mr. noodle

if ben is up before 8am in the mornings, we turn on sesame street after he eats his breakfast. we usually just catch the last 20 minutes or so which is always "elmo's world". if you know nothing about current day Sesame Street, let me enlighten you. there is an entire 20 minutes at the end of the program dedicated to elmo. yes. elmo. and the elmo's world pattern is this: elmo tells us what he is thinking about. then he tells us that his fish, dorothy, is also thinking about that. dorothy asks a question. elmo poses the question to "mr. noodle", the creepy man behind the shade in the window. then elmo asks some kids. then he asks a baby. it goes on to learning more about the subject by using email, tv, and usually a "guest". then they sing about the subject to the tune of jingle bells so that it's easy to sing along. and then they say goodbye. and that is elmo's world. (more than you ever wanted to know, i'm sure)

let's rewind to the part about the creepy guy. here he is:

this part weirds me out every time. who is mr. noodle? who came up with this portion of the show?

anyways, i was watching sesame street today and felt like i should let the non-watchers know. what can i say? (insert old man voice here) "it's not the sesame street of my day!"

note: when googling "mr. noodle" for a photo, i came across this blog post about mr. noodle in which the author researched a little better than i and has many more interesting facts about the real life man behind mr. noodle. you know...if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

For some reason the idea of this weird guy reminds me of Pee Wee Herman. Why and who thought that was a good idea for children to watch?

dawn said...

You just scared the pants off of me!!!!

Hanners said...

i'm scared of mr. noodle.

and i'm bloggin again... get excited!!!