Wednesday, September 01, 2010

my fitness faux pas

you know all these get fit shows on tv? biggest loser is the main one that jumps to mind but there's also that "losing it with jillian" show. also, on W, there are these canadian shows about "bulging brides" or something like that with the former football guy, tony europe. anyways, they all have unhealthy, overweight people at the beginning of the show that the trainers work SO hard. so hard, you think they might have a heart attack. i always think, "wow. i always hurt after a hard workout and my workout is nowhere near as difficult as this. how do they keep going the next day and the next day?" i concluded that i don't work hard enough and i'm a big baby.

this past time that i started getting back to the gym, i went to my chiropractor first since my neck and shoulders have been in turmoil since lifting ben around for the past year. i was chatting with him about these shows (because he's an been in ironman races and is my fitness guru) and he's laughing, telling me that we have no idea what's going on behind the scenes on these shows. this is tv. i shouldn't be working out like these people. our bodies need to ease into and rest between hard workouts. this makes me feel better. but after my chiropractic adjustment, i, of course, went to the gym for an hour long class everyday for a week. no resting for me. and of course, i quickly burn out.

a couple days ago, i started counting points again. and i have yet to get back to the gym. so here, on the cusp of beginning a workout regimen again, i get this email titled 6 Fitness Faux Pas from Shape magazine. the #3 faux pas? Exercising too hard, too often

The facts:
If you don't rest enough between hard cardio or strength workouts, you'll stop making progress and may even lose some of the fitness you've gained. You're also likely to burn out on exercise.

The fix:
To keep your muscles fresh and your motivation high, alternate shorter, tougher cardio workouts (for instance, 20 minutes) with longer, easier days (40-60 minutes). Don't go all-out more than twice a week. Keep in mind that the more intensely you train, the more time your body needs to recover. It's a good idea to do a couple of tough workouts and take 1 day completely off each week. On the strength-training front, take at least 1 day off between sessions that work the same muscle group.

ahh - a good reminder. i don't have to go to an hour long "cardio blast" class everyday. hopefully this time, i can use moderation. no "losing it with jillian" for me.


Matt said...

Keep it up bec. everything in moderation is a good tip for life, and especially in diet and fitness. P90X? thats hardly moderation i guess. ;) good luck sis

Anonymous said...

Your not the only one. I love that you post stuff about exercising... it makes me feel normal!

Its funny you bring this up because I was just talking to my little sis about this with her becoming a physical trainer. Inevitably I suck at working out and whenever I try I give up fast because I go so hard the first couple times that I think "this is no fun."

Her tip to me... start working out only a couple times a week and with something realistic so that you actually want to stick with it. Vary up what you do to keep it fresh which is also better for your body. So what have I done? ... a sit-up routine a couple times a week, a couple of speed walks and I'm trying to locate a couple of dumb bells to buy to do some simple weight lifting because building muscle burns fat faster then if you just do cardio. Good tips, this is something I can actually stick with and still feel good about it.

Sorry about the long comment... I've been doing this a lot lately.