Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oh the dentist...

another item crossed off the resolution list - i made an appointment and attended said appointment at the dentist. it's been a little over 3 years which is ridiculous since we have coverage but they were calling me for an appointment when i was pregnant and i had that pregnancy gingivitis which made me not want to go and have wicked bleeding while they flossed. i avoided their calls thinking that i'd go when ben was born. then ben was born and there's just never a good time. anyways...excuses aside, i finally went.

it took the hygenist an HOUR to clean my teeth. those are some stained teeth. then they took a ton of x-rays. (resulting in a 2 hour appointment) now apparently, while i was on my dentist hiatus, they invested in some wicked technology that when they x-ray your teeth, the x-rays pop up on a computer screen next to my chair! very cool. so though it had been 3 years, i was looking at these xrays thinking that my teeth were looking pretty good - no black holes anywhere.

then the dentist came in and burst my bubble. after 28 years of no cavities...i now have four. FOUR. i honestly felt like crying. silly, i know. but i'd never had a cavity and now i had four? ugh. the dentist said that when you're pregnant, the baby saps a lot of calcium from you and he attributes that to the reason i've never had a cavity and now have so many. two need fillings but two, however, could be "healed". if i floss at least once a day and rise before bed with a flouride rinse like Oral-B, i could actually reduce the cavities because they haven't yet hit the enamel. hello flossing TWICE a day.

then the decision of silver vs. white fillings came up. i couldn't believe what a difficult time i had making this decision. i know that people are having their silver fillings being taken out to have them replaced because of the mercury so i asked about this. she had lots of info and studies to back her up that actually, that mercury isn't doing anything in your body. plus, these silver fillings last almost DOUBLE the amount of time in your teeth. why would i want something that's not going to last as long? a difficult decision.

anyways, i'm back in the chair tomorrow to get one of my fillings and then in a few weeks for the next one. until then, i'll be working on healing my cavities...?


ramblin'andie said...

Oh, that scares me! My dentist told me I'm not likely to ever get cavities (what kind of dentist tells you that?!) But still, it's been SEVEN years since I last went...Good luck tomorrow!

Hanners said...

don't get the silver.

after 28 years of being cavity free, you'll be distressed when you look at your teeth and see silver.

best to get the ones that blend in and then you can move on in life and forget they were ever there. who cares if you have to replace them in 20 years? at least you'll be hot from now til then!

theRachel said...

I agree with Hanners. I go with the white ones. I had a similar experience over the last couple of years...never had cavities as a kid and have had a decent amount in the last 3 or 4 years. Augh. I'm wondering what will happen the next time I go to the dentist.

Margaret said...

Why should you not get the silvers? Because if you do, every time you open your mouth wide enough and look in the mirror you'll be like, "Damn those cavities I had x years ago!"

My dentist told me that cavities are most common between the ages of 20-40. Or maybe it was gum disease? For some reason it's age-related, kind of like how acne is most common in teenagers.