Wednesday, March 23, 2011

coffee fast

so i've had lots of random things to blog about in the last 3 months but i felt like they all led to "are you pregnant?" questions. but here's one of them.

i was pretty surprised to discover i was pregnant (i know, i know - why would i be surprised? i know how this happens, right?) and spent the first week in disbelief. i felt terrible that i'd drank so much coffee in the last month and wondered how i was going to go off it. two days later, i woke up and had a major aversion to tim's cup of coffee. i had no desire for my own cup. just like that. the thought of coffee made me feel a little queasy for about a month. after that, i would have a cup here or there in the afternoon. by month 3, i was on regular decaf coffees from tim hortons whenever we went there but still nothing in the morning. isn't it amazing how the body works? i was happy i didn't have to control the coffee intake myself - my body took care of it for me.

timhortons Its Time for RRRRoll Up The Rim to Win with Tim Hortons


Alyssa said...

I still see people drinking coffee in the morning and wonder how I ever liked - no loved- coffee myself. It is so unappealing, although I'm getting better about letting James make coffee in the house. He no longer has to go into his coffee room to do it, ha ha. I wonder if my tastes will ever change back?

theRachel said...

I love the pregnancy-related posts :) Also, I'm glad to hear that James is no longer banished to the coffee room :)

LaelDyck said...

what did you win on roll up??? i never liked coffee until one day a parent brought me a drink to work and i didn't know what it was but it was amazing. i asked her later what she had brought me and it was a double double. even though i liked that drink i have never ordered coffee since then because i am not sure i can believe that i actually like coffee.