Tuesday, March 01, 2011

TOC life

the nice thing about being a Teacher On Call (TOC) is that i WANT to work. don't get me wrong - i love teaching but when i worked full time, i woke up many mornings wishing that i didn't have to go to work. i've worked 2 - 3 days every week this past month and even though i hate shipping my baby off to different houses everyday, i've been so happy to be getting some work in! it's a nice feeling to want to work.

this morning, however, i would have called in sick if i'd had a full time job. i woke up every hour in the night with a dry mouth, a sore neck, and a headache, dreading my alarm going off. but i'm the TOC - how can i call in sick? in fact, i didn't even know the number of the principal to call if i wanted to call in sick. so of course, i got up, popped some extra strength tylenol, went to work, and taught grade 4. those poor kids were most likely not my biggest fans by the end of the day though i did play quite a few games of math bingo with them.

so this week, i'm glad i'm not working tomorrow.

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dawn said...

Oh my word! Now you have this awful flu we've all had? I hope you feel better soon! It's not fun.