Sunday, March 20, 2011

the latest food phase

i've blogged about being a phase person before. i like something and that's all i eat or listen to, or watch, etc. for an extended period of time. most often phases are about food or music...though i guess tv could be included. i watched a LOT of Dog the Bounty Hunter before i got sick of it. the current phase i am in is the quesadilla phase. one of the few things that sounds like a good lunch to me is a quesadilla. it could be just cheese and black beans or often there's tomatoes in it. if i'm lucky, i have leftover chicken to throw in. it's not really what's on the inside - it's about dipping it in salsa, it going well with diet coke, and it being filling that makes me love them lately.

sometimes being a stay at home mom, i just want to get out of the house. there's no better place to go hang out for awhile than at a fast food place for lunch. this sounds horrible, doesn't it? but i've always loved fast food and ben really loves timbits. so lunch at the wendy's/tim hortons combo restaurant seems like such a great idea! i feed ben his lunch at home and then we go and get mommy a combo and ben, a timbit. i'm making it sound like i do this all the time - i really don't. but if i'm out and about in the morning and thinking of what to make for lunch, something that makes me come home instead of going to wendys is a quesadilla. it's very good for me to have SOMETHING to keep me eating at home!

quesadillas sound somewhat unhealthy but i use whole grain tortillas and low fat cheddar. black beans are a good source of protien that i often add to my quesadilla as well. salsa is 0 points by the way to all you WW fans. so while it's still not the healthiest of lunches, it's better than the current desired alternative.

and all this writing is making me hungry. unfortunately, i am out of tortillas...looks like i'll have to make a quick trip to the store before lunch!


theRachel said...

Remeber the Xena phase? Or was it Zena?

Bec Shulba said...

xena...and i loved xena. you are the funniest and best rememberer ever.