Monday, March 07, 2011

excuses, excuses.

well, this sickness has taken me down for the count. i know i wasn't doing so great on the blogging front this past month but having this sinus infection(?)/cough/eye infection hasn't helped. so i have spent the last week in sweatpants and hoodies, napping when ben naps, and drinking juice. i'm starting to think that i should try the daily blogging project that sharelle and andie have been doing since i've been enjoying their daily entries and could use a little inspiration. hmm...check back soon...i promise i'll have something going here!


ramblin'andie said...

ugh, I'm down with what sounds like the same cold! Feel better soon. Looking forward to reading your new and frequent postings ;)

LaelDyck said...

i LOVE that kind of blogging. you should do it!

dawn said...

I've missed you!