Tuesday, August 02, 2011


i'd never been to abbotsford's agrifair before and tim hadn't been for at least 20 years. this past weekend, we decided to check it out. we figured it would be fun for ben to see the animals and hear some live music.

we went in the morning right when it opened and walked around then went home for lunch and nap time. we came back in the afternoon and stayed until dinner. we definitely made the most of our $10 entrance fees.
ben's favourite animals - the baby chicks.
"big gacor!" - ben

checking out the old tractors too...

we watched a couple shows in the kidzone - a trampoline show which was way better than it sounds and this trails bikes show - stunts from standing still positions. pretty cool. (the pic is of a guy jumping from a 7 ft high box to a 4ft box - a distance of about 10ft.)
watching the stunts.

back to visit the chicks. see the one poking it's head through the fence? ben's staying a safe distance away from them. we also soaw lots of chickens, roosters, sheep, horses, cows, and goats.


watching some of the rodeo from a shady spot on the hill.

a fun day for all of us. i love summer stuff.


dawn said...

awesome!!!!! :)

Under His Wings said...

I so enjoy all the pictures you post of Ben as he is growing. What a treat to see his experiences as he explores his world. Thanks for the effort!