Friday, August 05, 2011


the other day, (actually, after the agrifair) we went to wendy's for supper. (yay!) all the ladies working were east indian and they were chatting away with each other in punjabi while we ordered our meals. after we'd ordered and were standing there waiting for our food, the cashier said, "do you know if you're having a boy or girl?" "i'm having a girl!" i replied. the couple women who were standing there looked surprised. i asked, "did you think it looks like a boy?" they all nodded. then they shouted to their coworker at the take-out window, "it's a girl!". the fry cook missed it so they repeated to the fry cook, "it's a girl!" apparently, they'd all been talking about whether it was a boy or girl in punjabi while i was ordering! haha. pretty funny. people love to predict.


Alyssa said...

People do like to make predictions, and some people are so certain that they are right. I have had a couple people say for sure that I'm having a boy, and then others are convinced it's a girl. Too funny.

theRachel said...

Ha ha, this is too funny. Love it.

LaelDyck said...

that's hilarious! maybe you will have a boy....wouldn't that be a shocker?!?! i was scared that that was going to happen to me but i think the technology is really good nowadays and i have only heard of 1 person who recently was told that she were having a boy and ended up with a girl.