Thursday, August 18, 2011

a book nook

here i am about to blog again about ben's room being in the works - you must be thinking, "what the heck is taking you so long to finish that room?" haha. wellll, technically, we could definitely move ben in now but it's not going to look like my imagined finish product because we're going to have both the "big boy bed" AND the crib in that room for awhile. but we're okay with that. however, before we do that, i was waiting for my cousin to come visit and use ben's big boy room as her guest room. now that she headed home yesterday, ben's crib is moving in TONIGHT! after buying a train table that is huge, we put it in the room and those three items fill up the room completely. so for a few months, it will be a little crowded in there. BUT once the crib has left, we will move the train table into that space and voila! a book nook will be born.

we already have the shelves up for it with some books on them. we used IKEA Picture Ledges as shelves so that we could have the fronts of the books facing out for easy choosing.

while i'm loving how they turned out and how much ben likes putting the books on the shelves then taking them off, i found this book shelf idea where they've used IKEA spice racks. these are nice because the books have a little railing to keep them in. (coincidence that their child is also named benjamin...)
so there are a couple very cheap and space efficient book nook ideas for you! let me know if you've done something else!

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LaelDyck said...

i saw the spice rack thing on a blog recently and i think it's super brillant!! i like how those shelves and your shelves show the fronts of the books, not just the spine!