Tuesday, August 09, 2011


like i've mentioned before, i read a LOT of blogs. when i find projects/activities/recipes that i want to try out, i either email myself the link so it will be SOMEWHERE in hotmail, blog about it here, OR i'll post it to my facebook wall. neither of these work that great to keep track of things.

after a couple days of friends posting facebook statues about pinterest.com, i thought i'd check it out. i wasn't sold so after setting up an account, i just left it empty. then 5 friends started "following" me. ack! i can't leave it empty now, can i? so i went back and put in a little more effort to figure it out. WELL! this site was MADE for me! when i find a blog post somewhere out there that i want to remember to check out further, i just log into pinterest and post it to one of my boards. all my boards are organized into categories. i already have a handful of toddler activities, crafts, personal DIY ideas, home organization ideas, etc! i'm loving it.

the other great thing is that cool people everywhere are posting stuff too and you can browse through your friends' boards or other peoples' boards and if you see something you like THERE, you can "repin" it to your own board. so what this means is that this is a perfect procrastination tool for anytime!

so, i thought i should warn you that now that i'm reading more and more DIY/recipes/toddler crafts, you may be seeing the word pinterest pop up on the blog a lot. now you know.

(if you're wanting to set up your own account and need an "invite", send me an email rebeccashulba@hotmail.com and i'll send you one.)


Hanners said...

i need pin interest. i'm sick of emailing, facebooking, blogging, and bookmarking my favorite websites.


Ang said...

Oh my goodness, I had signed up awhile back but have been too busy too go on lately. I just checked and there are new people following me, clients and vendors and people I know. Geez, this is too much pressure, I was thinking it was just my personal scrapbook. I purposely didn't attach it to facebook or twitter so no one could find it. Now I really have to find good things. #toomuchinternetalready

LaelDyck said...

yay for pinterest!!! it is definietly my time-waster these days. :)

Hanners said...

check out my pinterest and let me know what you think... since you're my inspiration!

Notes She Wrote said...

I LOVE LOVE pinterest. I was the same as you, emailing links to my email. Totally lame. Pinterest is so much better!! :)

Notes She Wrote

ramblin'andie said...

You inspired me to set up my own account about a month ago. Today I finally remembered who inspired me so I decided to follow you on there too. Love all the crafty ideas!