Sunday, November 27, 2011

24 days of Christmas activities

Here's my list of activities to put in our new Advent Calendar:

1. decorate our Christmas tree
2. set up our new Fisher Price Nativity and read the story of Jesus' birth
3. go the Christmas Tree lighting at Central City & buy a new game (a tradition that pre-dates Ben)
4. set up new felt Christmas tree in ben's room (idea found here)
5. bake Christmas cookies
6. invite two friends over to decorate cookies & play
7. make Christmas cards and mail them
8. make Christmas tree ornaments (recipe for dough here)
9. give a present to the mail man and the garbage man
10. watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie
11. help grandma and grandpa decorate their Christmas tree
12. make bookmarks and take a local care home to give to the elderly
13. bake cookies again - deliver to neighbours
14. make birdseed ornaments to hang outside on the trees (instructions here)
15. paint presents for grandparents (oops - spoiler alert)
16. visit uncle matt at work and see the firehall
17. go to kainoa's house for a Christmas party
18. use christmas stamps to make wrapping paper
19. go with daddy to buy a present for mommy
20. go with mommy to buy a present for daddy
21. wrap presents & make and attach name tags that have recipients' faces on them
22. pancakes in the morning & drive around looking at lights at night
23. open presents at home
24. go to grams and pop's house for shulba Christmas
25. go to grandma and grandpa's house for macdonald Christmas

can't wait! now to begin prepping things and finding my camera battery charger!


Alyssa said...

Can I come and be a part of your Christmas? It sounds like so much fun and so full of Christmas-y activities! I'm impressed with how much making and baking Ben will be doing:)

PS I LOVE the advent calendar! Also I may be stealing all your ideas in a couple years:)

LaelDyck said...

WOW!!! You are one amazing mom! Enjoy your decemeber!

theRachel said...

I agree with Alyssa - I'd like to join in on some of these ideas! Especially going to Kainoa's house for a Christmas party!

Bec Shulba said...

gee, CAN join in on going to kainoa's christmas party!