Sunday, November 13, 2011

sibling love

ben loves having avery around. when he wakes up in the morning, he asks, "baby aywee wake?" and runs to find her. when she's on her playmat, he's often there too. if she flails her arms around and touches him, he laughs and laughs. when ben is eating something, playing with something, or learns something new, he'll tell avery or hold up the toy or food and explain what it is. "a ball, baby aywee." "a chocolate, baby aywee." when we're eating a meal, he's concerned as to when avery will need her bottle since that's all she eats. when we're holding avery, he's asking us to put her on the floor so that he can see her. when it's time to read books at bedtime, ben demands, "baby aywee too!". it's been very fun to see how much he's enjoying avery at this stage.

the other day, ben was laying on the floor, next to avery and he was rolling around. he accidentally flung his arm out and hit avery in the face. avery started to scream and i picked her up. ben looked so horrified and i told him that it was okay, it was an accident. he's just looking at me with a quivering bottom lip and i said, "she's alright. you didn't mean to hit her. she's fine, ben." ben burst out sobbing - he was so sad that he'd hurt her. it was pretty sweet. i hope that he always wants to look after her and protect her.


dawn said...

Ben is the sweetest kid!!!!! I love the photos...hard to pick a favorite! The one with Ben holding the "guitar"...the way Avery's blanket was folded on her lap, I thought she was holding a guitar, too! Granted, I should be wearing my glasses. Haha! You are raising adorable kids.

theRachel said...

I love the pic of Ben with the guitar. These are some pretty special moments you're capturing! I imagine they will be good to remember when the kids are teenagers and claim to hate each other :)