Thursday, November 24, 2011

avery at 2 months

we're still getting to know this little person. avery joy has many more smiles and she loves to sleep in her carseat. at about 6 weeks, i figured out that she didn't want to be fed as often as i was trying to feed her so now she eats about every 3.5-4hrs. i also figured out around 6/7weeks that she is a big napper...she doesn't necessarily nap easily but she needs a lot of sleep between bottles. if 4 hours go by since her last bottle but she hasn't had enough sleep, she chooses sleep over eating. she'll scream and cry if you try to feed her because she's so tired. she's getting better at having some naps in her bed - some days are better than others for this. the evenings are the hardest to convince her to sleep. you watch her eyes begin to droop and then she pops them wide open again. we still hold her in our arms for her evening naps IF we can even get her to sleep. if we don't - it's a very cranky evening and a difficult bedtime routine. if she naps in the evening, she takes her bottle like a champ and goes right to bed at bedtime. she's great at sleeping through the night in her own crib - usually going down between 7 - 9pm and sleeping until 5am-ish. avery is a wiggler. she waves her arms and legs constantly. if you put a hat on her, she shakes her head back and forth until you remove it or she has a fit. she seems to like her soother and she loves her play mat. she lays on it and smiles at the animals that are hanging above her. i often worry that she's not getting enough attention because we can so easily lay her down somewhere so that we can focus on ben or do chores around the house but hopefully we're not scarring her for life. ;) we love this little girlie and are looking forward to all the fun times to come.


theRachel said...

Loving this chubby little face, and a very sweet tribute to your girl.

dawn said...

she is SUCH a cutie pie!!!

LaelDyck said...

I always worry that I am not spending enough time with Jacob. Silly things we fret over! Good for you for having figured out so much about your precious girl already!