Thursday, November 03, 2011

ben and doctor

since ben was 18 months, he's had a rough relationship with our doctor - whom i'll call dr. D. my doctor is fantastic - funny, nice, normal, etc. i think ben remembers having his shots with him and now is terrified. i was looking forward to bring ben to my pregnancy check-ups so that HE wouldn't have to be the patient - he could just watch. no such luck. one time, ben wouldn't get off my lap in the waiting room because he was nervous and then when he mustered enough courage to run over to the toy bin, dr. D came out and walked past him to get to the door. ben's little lower lip started to tremble as the doctor said, "hi buddy!" and when dr. D left the room, ben burst into tears and ran to my lap. oh brother. so i didn't make him come to very many of my appointments. the ones i had to bring him, he stayed in the waiting room by himself in the chair farthest away from the examining rooms. (the receptionist kept an eye on him but said he never moved a muscle) the one good part of the visits in his mind, was getting a treat at the end. the doctor always invited him to come around the corner of the counter and pick a treat and he was willing to get this close to dr. D for this - even letting dr. D open the package of fruit snacks for him. thankfully, ben hasn't been sick very many times to warrant a doctor's visit for himself...until yesterday.

i made an appointment for avery as she's had some goop in her eyes, i've had a lingering cough forever, and ben has some eczema on his arm. we're a sorry mess. so i warned ben in the morning that we'd be going to the doctor for avery and that avery needed him to come and look after her. i suggested he pick out a treat from his halloween stash to bring and share with the doctor - he picked one for himself and one for dr. D. i put them in a baggie and told him he could have his treat when we got to the office. he held the baggie for the entire 30 minute drive to office. he ate his lollipop while we waited for our appointment and when dr. D showed his face, ben held up the baggie with a box of smarties inside and ran over to him. when i explained that they were for him, he said thank you to ben and asked if he was going to come with mommy in the room. ben turned and ran back to his safe zone - the waiting room chair.

i went in with avery and had our appointment and explained that ben had this eczema on his arm. when avery and i were done, dr. D came out with us to the waiting room and sat in a chair farthest from ben. there were other people in the waiting room, waiting for their appointments. he opened the box of smarties and asked ben if he wanted to share with him. ben came over and took some smarties, dr. D checked out ben's arm, continued to share the smarties with ben and another kid in the waiting room until they were gone. then he took ben around the counter to pick a treat, as usual. dr. D was so pumped - "that was a HUGE step!" he said to me. haha. but it really was.

and THIS is why i drive to langley for all my appointments, sometimes having to wait an hour to get into my appointments. this guy is good.


Megan said...

I'm switching to Dr. D, so he is going to be Charlie & my Dr. First visit is Monday, can't wait as I have a million questions:)

Alyssa said...

I wish I could drive to Langley, haha. But I'm a bit worried about Hux getting scared of the doctor. His first shots are next week and we're going to the doctor but maybe after the first round we'll go to the public health nurse.

ashlee said...

who is this dr. d? sounds awesome! message me his real name :)

LaelDyck said...

Wow! Your doctor is great! It's awesome that he is making such an effort! And you are one smart mom to suggest that Ben bring Dr. D a treat. Good on ya!

theRachel said...

Is he accept patients from Victoria ;) In all seriousness, you have much to be thankful for - what a great guy! I love that he takes that kind of time with kids (and all patients, for that matter).