Saturday, September 23, 2006

i survived

my first hike. it went ok. met at TWU at 8am this morning. didn't get home until 6:45pm. now that's a long day. carrying the pack gave me a wicked headache for the second half of the day until now. i'm sunburned. i ache. but other than that...

it was a beautiful hike. and beautiful day for a hike. not only are you in heather meadows, you have baker on one side and mt. shuksun on the other. it's pretty amazing.

it's also amazing what you can find on the internet. here are some pics of the hike though not ones that i took.

this is the view of baker from where we were hiking.

this is the mountain on the other side of us - mt. shuksun. according to our instructor, it's the most photographed mountain in the world...hmm...

this is what the scenery looked like. mostly alpine meadows covered in heather and wild blueberries. the blueberries were the best i've ever tasted. and yes, the sky was this blue today.

the mountain on the right is tabletop mountain. that's what we hiked around today. we climbed up in between these two peaks in this picture.

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ang said...

I knew you could do it. I'm sure you looked the best, without looking like you were trying. And i'm sure that small opening on the nalgene was a good choice, less spilling.
That blue sky made for a great day to get married. Good times at the tennis club.