Friday, September 22, 2006

the sarcastic edge

i've gotta say that by friday, teaching grade 2s and 3s begins to get to me. most of their jokes just aren't funny. and they ask these horribly obvious questions thinking that they're funny. now don't get me wrong...i'm thouroughly enjoying teaching the younger grades the past three weeks but today...things got a little sarcastic and i just couldn't help myself. i kept telling myself, "you're the teacher. grow up."

situation: i write on board at the end of everyday things that should be written in their planners. they write them in and i initial them.
question: "do we have to write that in our planner?"
my answer: "no. i just wrote it here for myself to look at."

situation: i draw a 6 circle colour wheel on the board that matches the paper i just handed out to them.
question: "wow. did you draw that?" (and no...that's not sarcasm in gr.3)
my answer: "no. it just appeared here. what do you think?"


this particular kid however does ask the obvious day in and day out. as you can tell, art and planners are the last things of the day. i really am a nice teacher. i just don't write a post about all the nice things i say all day. haha.

my brother bought me this little calendar where you pull of the page each day and it's for teachers. there's quotes and stats and trivia etc. my favourite category is "if you teach school...". here's todays:

If you teach possess a lot more patience than the average person.

this makes me feel better on a bit of a sarcastic friday. haha.


Sharelle said...

in one of my education classes, the prof said:
"sacrasm is anger in a clown suit".
i had a large panic attack, because frankly sarcasm is just a way of being for me. i understand your plight.
i'm thinking a little wont hurt us.
and hey - you are a great teacher.
i agree with your day calendar

jmac said...

or maybe a clown in an anger suit