Saturday, September 30, 2006

entertainment what?

so if you or someone you know have an entertainment book, get using those coupons because they expire on November 1. tim's parents have one and we were over there the other day and joy told me to rip out any coupons i wanted. here's what i have:

vancouver aquarium - BOGO admission
hell's gate air tram - BOGO admission
pacific theatre - BOGO admission up to $32
the falls golf and country club - BOGO green fee
vancouver theatresports - BOGO admission
science world - BOGO admission
baskin robbins - sundae
seaside scoops - frozen yogurt
nandos - half chicken
taco del mar - burrito and med. drink
flying wedge - pizza slice
DQ - box of dilly bars
saras ice cream - one ice cream
tacotime - soft taco
little caesars - large pleaser pizza
after thoughts gourmet dessert - $7 worth of dessert
mountain mocha - a beverage
save on video - dvd rental
carlton cards - 25% off
mcgavins bread basket - 50% off

so here's my proposition to tim for today's events:

we to taco del mar here in abbotsford for a burrito for lunch. then we stop by DQ for two boxes of dilly bars, eat one then drop it off at the house. we grab a coffee to go at mountain mocha the head to vancouver stanley park. drive around there then go into the aquarium for a few hours. after that, we drive over to science world and see that bodies with no skin exhibit that everyone's talking about. then we go to nandos on W 41st for our half chicken meals. on our way to granville island for theatre sports, we stop at sara's ice cream on Davie for a cone. after theatre sports, it's only 9:00 so we head home and make to after thoughts gourmet desserts before they close to finish the day with a gourmet dessert.

that's nine coupons down. i'll let you know how it goes.

what i've figured out is that you need to spend a lot of money to make your coupons worth it.

next week: hell's gate air tram, a little golf then flying wedge and ice cream in white rock.


joy said...

you're a girl after my own heart! I love deals like that...
Did you manage to get it all done??

rachel s. said...

did this all really happen? If so, you guys deserve an award. I wonder if this exists for the person who uses the most coupons out of their entertainment book?

ang said...

If Tim agrees to this, then I'll really wish I had married Tim.
I have an entertainment book too, so if you know someone who wants to buy stuff so that I can get mine free, let me know.