Tuesday, September 19, 2006

what not to wear

if what not to wear had been filming their secret footage of me today, they would have found me buying sushi to go in tan cords, old tan shoes, and a terry fox run 2006 t-shirt. then later they would have found me buying orange juice and neo citran at save-on in old sweats, a big sweatshirt, and those same old tan shoes. when you're not feeling good, it doesn't matter that what not to wear might be following you. and even though i was feeling sick i was actually buying diet coke and popcorn not oj and nc. when i got home though, i came to my senses and made orage juice with my popcorn though. the third week of school has hit me hard with a sore throat and runny nose that seriously will not stop, a super sore neck and shoulders, and headache that won't go away. i blame the first two ailments on little kid germs and the latter two on my new hiphop class yesterday. i drank some neo citran as well as took a tylenol sinus thing but i feel like they should have kicked in by now.

well i just wanted to complain and tim's away for the night in merritt doing a highschool visit. sorry that this is my first post in awhile and i complain.

i'd like to say that if my last post convinced anyone to watch corner gas season premiere last night, i apologize. there's just something about watching it on dvd without commercials that made it better than last night's episode.

in better news: tim and i tried a different church this past sunday - heritage alliance church in abbotsford. only about 250-300 people and we were there on their ministry fair day so we got to talk to people in the youngcouples/families ministry and sign up for stuff and then we stayed for the bbq and talked to some more people. it was a very good first sunday. we have found our abbotsford church. it feels good.

and my one last complaint: my ears are plugged from blowing my nose so much.

keep checkin the blog -- i promise to have more interesting read-worthy things sooner than 7 days. you know...things like the little caesar's sign holder. ha.


Alyssa said...

I hope that you're feeling better soon. It's too bad those kids are so full of germs...

rachel s. said...

darn kids...I remember what it was like when I nannied - I was sick every 6 weeks or so, and then when I stopped nannying, I didn't get sick for 6 months (and that was even with living in dorms at CBC)...oh well, keep chuggin on that Neo Citran.

Also, I don't mind at all if you complain on your blog!