Monday, September 25, 2006

what's with my calves?

so after the hike, sunday morning i almost fell over when i got out of bed because my calves were so tight and sore. here i am monday night with equally as tight calves. why is this not going away? i've been stretching. i played soccer in PE today. i went to my hiphop class. i stretched some more. what's the deal? i almost tripped going down the stairs about my house tonight because when i stepped down, the pain shot through my body at an alarming rate.

tim gets home tomorrow. thank goodness. i love being married and living with my husband. i do not love living alone.

i have an assignment for anyone reading this. no. do not look away now - you've already seen it. here it is: "God gave us authority over the environment. read Genesis 1:26-28 and write what you feel is an appropriate Christian response to this verse. Give practical application of what we can or should do." this is my assignment due friday. any thoughts?


ang said...

I know what's happening, I have felt the calf thing too. You'll be fine, keep stretching have a bath, maybe put some of that muscle gel stuff on them. They just are a little stressed from the climb. Maybe something you could talk about in class :)
Authority: to be in charge of, to care for. Things that need authority, need someone to care for them, direct them, and maintain them. I think this means that it is our jo. We have been put in a managing position, whether we like it or not, to make the earth run. It is our job to care for it and find use for it, and make sure that we aren't hurting it.
Respect is huge, we are allowed to use the earth, but we weren't told to "kill" it. Right now we are lousy managers. We should show a little respect.
additional thought: are global warming, tropical storms, and other natural disasters, a result of our mismanagement?

Sharelle said...

hold on a second here.
bec just got to throw out the assignment into blog world.
i hope you know, i am reading this stuff.

Lavonne said...

I wrote a paper on the exact same thing in Biology 113...maybe it is time TWU profs think of some better assignments!
My advice, write about the how we are called to be stewards of the environment - and the difference between stewardship and dominion. Oh, and mention something about protecting the environment for future generations, that's always nice to hear.