Tuesday, November 21, 2006

diagnosis please

well yesterday was a sick day from school. i have a mysterious illness. let me describe the symptoms and you can self-diagnose.

> nauseau without throwing up.
> naseau all day and it doesn't get better or worse depending on what i eat (aka. i ate didn't eat anything all day yesterday and felt terrible but then i ate a full dinner and felt equally terrible).
> no, it's not pregnancy.

what could it be? if you have any ideas, do share. it has now been going on for three days.

in other news, SHAPE magazine responded to my angry email with an extension on my subscription for 3 months. how great! i'm very pleased. they also informed me that by subscribing, i "have the advantage of having the issue delivered to
your door and of being guaranteed an issue without the disappointment of
a newsstand sell-out." well thanks.


ang said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you feel better soon. I really am not concerned about Shape selling out. Way to voice your complaint and be heard! Keep finding stuff to complain about and keep getting more issues. :) Just kidding, that's rude!

rachel s. said...

are you sure? that it's not pregnancy, I mean. :o I was really banking on that after reading about your first 2 symptoms. Other than that, I'm out of possible diagnoses. Do you have an psycho-social issues you'd like to discuss/work through, because that is really more my area of expertise. Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Lavonne said...

Perhaps your back is out of line (no, not like the children you teach most days, but spinal disks out of synch with each other) or secondly you could have an inner ear infection. Those are my diagnoses, I am not a doctor, but I used to watch a lot of ER! Hope you feel better soon.

ang said...

Are you a lurker? Did she just come out? Welcome Lavonne! This is a safe place for your comments!

Sharelle said...

oh i know its true.
lavonne is the biggest case of lurker ever.
i wish there was a feature where we could "track" the lurkers.
oh wait, i guess that would be stalking.
i would just like to know sometimes. who is reading? haha.
i also watched ER, but have 0 answers for you. but you know what, i miss hanging out. we should sometime...

ang said...

have some tea and take care of that throat

Lurker Lavonne said...

Confession: I am a lurker...I secretly read all your blogs and don't comment (insert evil laugh here). I feel that people with more wit than I will read my comment and laugh (like you're laughing right now). Also the reason I do not have my own blog, that and I have heard that many employers will google search you and read your blog or myspace to check you out. You should all at least thank me that the counter on your blog is increasing (it makes you feel good, admit it). However, in this case I seriously am concerned about bec and I think it really could be an inner ear infection.